Investing Made Easy- Wealthfund

wealthfundWealthfund brings to you a platform to avail best investment solutions. There was a time, when investing meant long chats with brokers, endless confusing list of top performing mutual funds, lots of paper work; lots of follow-up every month… Well! Not any more.

Wealthfund Services offers an easy to operate investment platform, which enables you to take charge of every move in your financial growth. It is completely online and involves almost zero paperwork. However, there’s much more to it than just being an online investment platform.

Enjoy Broker Free Investment Procedure

Do you think you need help to make an investment? We do too, and therefore, we bring to you Wealthfund. Wealthfund is an online investment platform that allows you to discover and explore the best mutual funds based on investor’s financial profile. It presents you not only the best and top performing, but personalized funds that match the risk and return expectations of the investor.

Not only that, it also offers you updated information on mutual funds’ performance that are bought by investor. Portfolio performance viewed in few clicks. This also allows investor to learn and determine the best time to buy and sell mutual funds, as every investor in Wealthfund is provided with Monthly Market Bulletin to help better understand the changing market trend.

One Click Redemption

Want to sell your units, but don’t want to go through the pain of contacting a broker and doing all the wealthfundlengthy paperwork. Just login to your Wealthfund account, pick the units you wish to sell and click SELL. You can also reinvest the profits gained in the same fund or buy more units from a same dashboard.

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