Why Should I Invest in SIP?

wealthfund Be it short term or long term, if you wish to invest and consult a Financial Expert, he or she will advise you to start a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP. For all, who wish to invest, SIP holds a lot to offer.

But why SIP?

Well! SIP comes with all the benefits of a Mutual Fund plan. The three key benefits to accessing a SIP are:

Amount of Choice

Investor can choose to start SIP with as less as Rs. 500. Even when you start investing with less, the fund plan doesn’t restrict the benefits or outcomes.

Disciplined Saving

Investing in SIP helps bring financial discipline in life of investors. Investor had to make regular investment and since the amount fixed for SIP gets deducted from the bank account, it prevents investor from missing the investment.

Power of Compounding

Compounding enables the investors to earn interest on returns, thus repeating the process throughout the investor-defined period. This way in investor can make large corpus in shorter time.

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