SmartSIP: How Can I Build Rs. 1 Crore in 10 years?

wealthfundSmartSIP brings discipline of making small, but regular investments. An SIP is like operating a recurring deposit account with a mutual fund- A method of investing regularly to benefit from the market volatility.

Always choose a portfolio based on your risk profile and SIP amount. In order to create a corpus of Rs 1 crore in the next 10 years, you will have to invest Rs 43,500 through monthly Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in a mutual fund portfolios, assuming annual return of 12 per cent. The early you invest, the more you make. Postponing investment means bearing loss, which you could have made during that period. You may have to invest more as you will have to move your investments to safer avenues a year or two before the actual goal.

Below given are some of the best Wealthfund SmartSIP plans that allow you invest funds in small amounts and gain high market returns. Some of the best SmartSIP plans are given below:


Launched in August 2002, Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund is classified in the large-cap category of the CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking. The fund’s investment objective is to generate long-term growth of capital through a portfolio with a target allocation of 100 per cent equity by aiming at being as diversified across various sectors as its chosen benchmark index, S&P BSE 200. In last 3 years fund has given 19.7% return to the investor.


To generate long-term capital appreciation and income distribution to unit holders from a portfolio that is invested in equity and equity related securities of about 20 companies belonging to the large cap domain and the balance in debt securities and money market instruments. This fund has provided 16.07% returns in last 3 years.


This fund is suitable for investors with high risk appetites, looking for high capital appreciation over a long term. As such the fund is suitable for investors planning for long term financial objectives. However, investors should be prepared for high volatility in the short term. The scheme is open both for growth and dividend plans. This fund has provided 29.79% returns in last 3 years.

SmartSIP: HDFC Balanced Fund 

This investment scheme invests in a combined portfolio of debt and equity. Investing Rs.1000 for next five years can provide you investment value of Rs. 96,900, wherein the actual invested amount would be Rs. 60,000. The annualized return for 5 years and 10 years were 14.1% and 16.3% respectively. This mutual fund not just offers higher returns, but also re-balances the portfolio and limits volatility of the market from hampering the growth of investment value.

SmartSIP: ICICI Pru Value discovery Fund

This MF is yet another one of the best return Mutual funds. It has also performed well in last 5 years providing 17% of annualized returns. If you put the amount invested, and return to-be-achieved in investment period of 5 years and calculate through SIP calculator, you’ll witness a significant difference in the investment and the investment value in next 5 years. The annualized returns for 5 years and 10 years were 17% and 19.3% respectively, against the CNX Mid-cap benchmark of 7.1% for 5 years and 13% for 10 years of investments. This Mutual Scheme is good for those, who wish to take less risk while investing to gain higher returns.

If you wish to build wealth and looking for one of the best SIP investment plans, visit set risk tolerance, expected returns and discover a selection of SmartSIP plans for you and your family.


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