Debt Mutual Funds- What are they?

wealthfund In Debt Mutual Funds the funds are invested in mix of fixed income securities and debt. Such income securities include, Government securities, Treasury bills, Money market securities, Corporate bonds, and various other forms of debt securities. Most of the debt securities have a fixed maturity date & pay a fixed rate of interest.


Withdraw when desired

When it comes to debt -funds investor has the freedom to withdraw money at any hour of the day, where the amount gets transacted to the registered bank account within 24 -48 hours. Investor doesn’t have to pay any charge on exit load. It also allows you to make partial withdrawals, without breaking the investment.


More Tax Efficient

When you invest in debt funds, they turn out to be more effective when compared to several other funds. The investor not just makes capital gain, but also earns benefit from indexation. With longer investment period, grows the indexation benefit.


More Flexibility

You can invest in debt funds, using the idle savings in your bank account. One can start making monthly investments through SIP and withdraw whenever desired. With all the major benefits like high returns, this form of fund allows you to invest in small amounts, thus saving you from the trouble of putting and risking a big sum of money.

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