SmartSIP: How can I build Rs. 30 Lakh in 10 Years?

wealthfundSmartSIP or SIP (Systematic Investment Funds) are in vogue. Investors, who have longer investment horizon, should consider investing in equity mutual funds. Make sure to check the past performance of the funds. If the schemes you are investing manage to offer around 12 per cent per year, you can build a corpus of Rs 30 lakh by investing Rs 12,912 every month for the next 10 years.

Below given is a list of top performing SmartSIP or SIP funds that you could consider investing in:

Birla Sunlife Frontline

Birla SunLife Frontline Equity mutual fund is large cap fund. This fund has given very good performance historically. This fund is managed by an experienced fund manager. In last 3 years fund has given 19.7% return to the investor. The asset size of this fund is 13000 Cr. CRISIL Rating is 5.

MIRAE- Asset Emerging Blue Chip Fund Reg (G)

MIRAE- Asset Emerging Blue Chip Fund Reg (G) has ranked on one of the top most places in Small and Mid-Cap Mutual Fund Categories. The objective of this fund is to generate income and capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio predominantly investing in Indian equities and equity related securities. The average return of the last five years is 23.87%.

Reliance Small Cap Fund

Ranked 2nd in Crisil Rating, Reliance Small Cap Fund has been a consistent performer and offered average return of 20.76% in last 5 years.  The objective of the fund is to generate long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity and equity related instruments of small cap companies. The AUM of the fund is Rs. 3037.95 Cr.

SBI Bluechip Fund

SBI Bluechip Fund is next in line of the best mutual fund for 2017. The expense ratio of this fund is very low. AUM of this fund is 8846 Cr. CRISIL Rating of this fund is 5. Historically this funds has given very good returns. The fund manager of this fund is managed by an experienced fund manager. This fund is one of the oldest funds.

ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund

ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund is one of the most recommended large cap funds for 2017. CRISIL Rating of this fund is 4. The average return of this fund in last five years is 17%. This fund is high-risk high-return fund. This fund has invested in good blue chip stocks. Asset size of this fund is 1400 Cr.

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