White Label Forex Prop Proprietary Trading Firm

You can take advantage of our technology and liquidity without sacrificing your own brand and identity. There are three main ways to make profits in the foreign exchange white label business—the same as for traders with their own platforms. Therefore, revenue is mainly based on customer transaction volume. The higher the customer transaction volume is, the higher the revenue the white label can obtain. Brokers that provide white label services often offer a variety of different revenue options to their end clients. In a partial white label, the tech provider delivers a service to the trading firm, but does not provide regulatory registration.

As can be seen below, the trading rules are both simple and standardised across all accounts, plus their audition fees are very competitive. 5%ers enjoys a solid reputation and is well-respected in the market. The firm provides capital from day 1 as well as enables you to earn up to 100% of your profits (as long as you are able to upscale high enough). You start off the challenge with $25,000 and move up in $25,000 increments each time you pass, up until you reach a $100,000 account. You’ll have a profit target of 6% with a maximum loss of 5% at each stage.

  • At this stage, your profit target is 5%, and a maximum loss of 4%.
  • Prop trading firms are a lot more attractive to traders due to how lucrative of a career it can be for successful traders.
  • You also need to think about whether you should open a brokerage from scratch or opt for a white label solution.
  • Whether you prefer to trade on a desktop or on the go, both of these platforms are compatible with Android and iOS-based mobile devices.
  • When a prop firm is set up correctly, it can become very profitable for everyone involved.

To learn more about Fortex’s White Labels for brokers, or our FX solutions, liquidity aggregation, full eFX suite for regional banks, ECN matching engine, and more, please contact [email protected]. If you are looking to create a website for your trading firm and would like an online portal to manage new investors, a CRM tool will be helpful in that case. While this may not be an immediate issue as regulators are always a long way behind when it comes to emerging technology, it will always be beneficial for a growing prop firm to obtain a license. White labeling refers to one company using a licensed software product from another company, rebranding it, and selling access to it as their own platform.

Both accounts involve hurdling a 1-step evaluation process with a profit goal and limits to drawdowns. The profit share system is 80/20, meaning you are entitled to 80% of your profits. While a good arrangement, you can only avail of this feature once you are funded. The Rapid Challenge accelerates the process, lowering the profit target and removing the minimum trading period.

The company may integrate payment providers, CRMs, and other components, but the turnkey solution doesn’t include them. The provider makes it possible for your traders to access the functionality from devices based on Android and iOS. If the image of your white label organization (consisting of logos, website, etc.) is not optimized, you run the risk of turning customers off and losing business.

Your Capital Will Be Double After Getting A Planned Profit

When clients are interested in opening an account with your white label brokerage firm, they can contact you through phone or email. You will have to follow up with them and give them all required information to open an account. At the same time, this information should also be stated on your website with an easy-to-follow registration process. In conclusion, MyForexFunds presents an all-inclusive package to prop traders, catering to all experience levels. The firm stands out with its affordable fees, immediate funding, and a generous profit split of up to 85%.

The Bootcamp Program, however, requires a lower cost to enter with 3 audition steps before you are given a funded account. Account sizes range from $15,000 to $200,000, with corresponding fees of $99 to $999, refundable upon passing both phases. You then gain an account with your chosen funds, with an 80% profit share, potentially increasing to 90% with consistent success. Both funding trading programs offer you the opportunity to earn a profit of 15% as soon as you begin your assessment.

In reality,  around $5000 would give good revenues than that of $500; You may drain your investment if you trade with less money. This way, you must register as a trader under internal revenue services. After that, you can claim expenditures like computer systems, registration fees, and office rent. This is what separates prop firms from other financial institutions, as prop traders do not trade for other clients. As an entrepreneur with a business problem, your first instinct may be to solve it yourself.

Establishing a Forex Prop-Trading Firm – How Does It Work?

The Royal Challenge mirrors the Rapid Challenge in terms of profit targets but allows for higher drawdown limits. The Knight Challenge, on the other hand, paves a quicker path to a live account, requiring only one audition stage. MyForexFunds has 3 types of accounts suitable for all levels of trader experience including Rapid, Evaluation and Accelerated.

Managing large quantities of capital, a wide range of financial instruments invested in, variety of strategies deployed – this sounds like a hedge fund, right? While those are three key similarities between prop firms and hedge funds the two are in fact very different. While hedge funds are managed by staff and managers, traders fx white label solution control the capital of prop firms. Hedge funds are subject to rigorous regulatory oversight, whereby prop trading firms do benefit from licensing but it is not a legal requirement. Hedge fund managers are also more strictly limited to certain approved strategies whereas prop traders have nearly free rein in this regard.

Most prop traders are confused about the expenses of forex prop firms. Usually, many forex trading firms demand registration charges from  $150 to $25000 for a month. While starting a firm, it is essential to analyze the prices and services it brings. A trading firm would operate a white label business in the same way as its regular foreign exchange brokerage business.

While traditional, brick and mortar prop shops aren’t as popular, the rise in interest mainly revolves around online demo prop shops. Our expert technical support team is by your side on a 24/7 basis ready to get all your problems effectively solved fast, while also providing any other help you may need every step of the way.

Bear in mind that fees are paid monthly instead of one-off fees that are charged by the majority of firms. This entails having the standard profit target and max drawdown limits. An added constraint is the max contracts that can be open at any one time, depending on the balance of your account. The Funded Trader offers a slim range to trade – 44 Forex, 2 metals, and 9 indices.