It is never easy


For those of you who follow financial media would have been aware of China scare, commodity crash, market corrections etc.
People listen more to financial media when going gets tough. Financial media amply your fear during such times.
The more you listen to media, the frequently you keep checking your portfolio; it makes it difficult not to react. Reactions during such times cause irreversible damage to one’s wealth creation goal.
As I always say making money from equity is simple but not easy.
You need to learn to ignore worries of the world. There has always been some problem or another which dominate our mind space. There are very rare spells when nothing bad seems to happen.
‘Buy & hold’ would look easy when the market is going up. The real test comes during these times of corrections.
Unless one has very strong emotional control, making money from the market is tough.
The 3 key traits required to create wealth are long term orientation, patience and discipline.
Time can do wonder to your portfolio and wealth if you learn to ignore volatility.
Most people fail because they yield to fear and panic during bad times, act impulsively due to volatility and forget long term picture.
India would grow and do very well in the next few decades. This would get reflected on corporate performance and hence stock markets. If you can get this broader picture correct, then why worry about day to day news or short term outlook?
Successful investors take a broad view of the future and learn to ignore every day volatility. India has been growing well for last few decades and would continue to scale new heights in the decades to come. Equity is for you only if you have faith in future.
As I’ve pointed with data, only a small percentage gets rich from markets. These are the ones who have patience to live through ups and downs, follow investment discipline irrespective of bull and bear markets and stay invested for decade or decades.
For most of us, equity is the only way to create financial independence.
Equity investing demands lot of emotional maturity. If you have emotional maturity, creating wealth is simple by following few elementary steps. If you don’t have emotional maturity, not only that you would not create wealth but may lose some as well.
Getting rich from market has never been easy.
I’m trying to ensure that all our clients create huge wealth from markets in the long run.
For that I need your co-operation of staying the course ignoring ups and downs.
If you can take care of your behaviour, wealth creation would automatically be taken care.

Happy Investing!


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