Wealthfund – Your Partner in Financial Growth

wealthfund Is your money sitting idle in your bank savings account? Not satisfied with the bank offered returns on your savings? If yes, Wealthfund Services is here for you. Wealthfund Services is an online personal finance and investment platform, which offers you a selection of investment solutions. In order to access best investment plans, all that investor have to do is sign up with Wealthfund Services and complete his/her KYC.

How to complete KYC with Wealthfund?        

If your KYC is NO… login to your Wealthfund User Account. Click Activate KYC tab on the top of the user dashboard. The page directs user to a sample portfolio, click continue and you will land on the KYC page. Fill all our personal details; click continue. You will receive an email from Wealthfund with two attached forms. First would be pre-filled account opening form and the other is KYC form. User has to fill KYC form and sign and send it back to the Wealthfund official address.

Once the KYC verification is done. You would be ready to make investment on your desired funds, any time and day. Just login to Wealthfund user account, set desired parameters (such as Expected returns and duration), choose and purchase funds and be prepared to avail the market benefits of investing in Mutual Funds.

Want to know more mutual funds or best plans to invest in? Visit www.wealthfund.in and sign up to discover the best investment options to go with.