Mutual Funds – How to pick the right one?

wealthfundWhat do you look for when buying a mutual fund scheme? Do you take help from financial experts or just pick from the top performing or five rated fund schemes? However, you shouldn’t forget that these points are often brought to notice to trick customers into buying mutual funds. Even after being the time-tested factors, these points have got investors complaining and regretting about their choices. Even when invested on top-performing schemes, most of the time outcome is not as expected.

What must an investor do in such condition?

  1. Market is brutal as well as rewarding, therefore reading the scheme analysis is necessary. This analysis report with help you figure the mutual fund behavior and how would it act if the market is not doing well.
  2. Investor should always pick a scheme that matches his/her risk tolerance. Choosing a mutual fund scheme that copes with downturns better always stands as a good option.
  3. Pick a mutual fund that performs during different market phases. One must also understand that even a good performer might fail to top during market rise.

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