SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) – How to Plan?

wealthfund short term investmentSIP or Systematic Investment Plan is one of the hottest investment options in the market today. Where investors can start investing with as less as Rs. 500, it also allows to build wealth at a fast pace. Digitization has led market to another era, where anyone can avail the benefits of fast, paperless and secure investment modes.

Are you planning to invest in SIP?

This is how you do it.

  1. First you have to sign up with your investment platform, for example Wealthfund Services. Generally, you can register with such platforms for free.
  2. After signing up, in order to start a SIP investment, you would be required to get eKYC (Know you customer) registered. To fulfill KYC, the investor has to submit, a photograph, address proof and an identity proof.
  3. If you are not KYC registered, the system alerts the executives to verify the details. If you are registered, the system will direct you to a page to fill all your personal details, which includes name, address, date of birth etc.
  4. Submit scanned copy of your address proof and Permanent account number (PAN)

Once verified you are all set to make your investments. Now, all that’s left is to choose an investment scheme or option, make a purchase and put your money to work. If you wish to know more about Systematic Investment plan or discover best sip plans that suits your investment needs, visit