Best SIP Plans in India- Less Risk, High Returns

investment_fundsBe it building wealth or growing money to fulfill future dreams, Indian youth is ahead in race when compared to 130 million uber-mass of the nation. They are not just dominating the market, but also driving the consumer growth. With rising costs of land, house, education, lavish wedding event, well-being and other similar basic to luxurious amenities, Indian youth (Gen X) are never behind in trying new prospects to build wealth in least possible time. Where nowadays, you can open a free-of-cost savings account, Government of India and AMC’s have come with many lucrative options to not just save, but grow money within a set period of time. Among the best, one of the most trending wealth building options in India is SIP- Systematic Investment Plans.

Why SIP?

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan though comes under Mutual fund, but is unlike any investment scheme. Investing in SIP means growing wealth while taking less risk against stock market volatility.  You may choose the right SIP plan based on the risk tolerance and return expectation. Best of all, you can start investing in SIP with as less as Rs.500, earning interest as much as upto 20% in first year of investment.

Best SIP Plans in India

If you are looking for some of the best SIP plans to invest in, we are providing you with some of the best performing SIP plans below:

ICICI Pru Focussed Blue Chip Fund 

Offering 11% annualized returns in last 5 years; this investment scheme has topped the charts of best performing schemes. ICICI Pru Focussed Blue Chip Fund is best for those who are willing to make long term investment. This fund has been successful in dominating the market when compared to 6.05% returns from CNX Nifty within the same period. It is also good for those, who wish to invest to fulfil future goals, such as children’s education or wedding.
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund 

It is a large cap investment scheme, which aims to generate capital in long term. With over Rs. 9,792 Crores of AUM (Assets Under Management), in last five years it has provide annualized returns of 11.2%. For example, if an amount of Rs.1000 is invested per month, the total investment made in a year would be Rs.60,000 whereas the investment value would be Rs. 94,040. This mutual fund allows you to systematically plan for future goals such as, child’s education or marriage.

Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund 

It is a Mid-Small cap Mutual fund. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund offers abundant opportunities for growth, as it invests up to 75% in smaller companies, and hence is also known as Smaller Stock Fund. With 19% annualized returns, this Mutual Fund has made a mark in last 5 years, especially when compared to 7.1% benchmark of CNX Midcap. Just investing Rs. 1000 for 5 years can help you make Rs 130,650. It falls under the list of highest return Mutual Funds, which has performed well in last 3 years providing 30% of annualized return.

ICICI Pru Value discovery Fund

This MF is yet another one of the best return Mutual funds. It has also performed well in last 5 years providing 17% of annualized returns. If you put the amount invested, and return to-be-achieved in investment period of 5 years and calculate through SIP calculator, you’ll witness a significant difference in the investment and the investment value in next 5 years. The annualized returns for 5 years and 10 years were 17% and 19.3% respectively, against the CNX Mid-cap benchmark of 7.1% for 5 years and 13% for 10 years of investments. This Mutual Scheme is good for those, who wish to take less risk while investing to gain higher returns.

HDFC Balanced Fund 

This investment scheme invests in a combined portfolio of debt and equity. Investing Rs.1000 for next five years can provide you investment value of Rs. 96,900, wherein the actual invested amount would be Rs. 60,000. The annualized return for 5 years and 10 years were 14.1% and 16.3% respectively. This mutual fund not just offers higher returns, but also re-balances the portfolio and limits volatility of the market from hampering the growth of investment value.

If you wish to build wealth and looking for one of the best SIP investment plans, visit set risk tolerance, expected returns and discover a selection of SIP plans for you and your family.