Best Investment plans under section 80C

Save Tax with Best Investment Plans under Section 80C

Do you wish to save money from your taxable income? If yes, investing is one of the best ways to opt for. Where investing helps meet future goals, you are served with an opportunity to save tax of upto Rs. 45, 000. Any Individual or HUF can claim a deduction via lucrative and rewarding investment solutions. Finding best tax savings investment schemes can be no less than a quest. Thus saving you the effort, we bring to you a selection of best tax saving investment solutions.

Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS)

ELSS is best for those, who wish to generate wealth in the long run and save tax at the same time. ELSS is also known as the Tax saving Mutual Fund. Go for ELSS, only if you are prepared to face the volatile nature of the Stock Market. You can choose to invest through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or make one time lumpsum investment. Some of the key benefits of choosing ELSS are:


  • 3 years of least lock-in period
  • Gains earned in on Equity Linked Saving Scheme is tax free
  • Online purchase, management and redemption of ELSS funds


Public Provident Fund (PPF)

PPF is one of the most attractive and affordable saving scheme. It is best for those, who wish to make long term investments, grow money and have less risk tolerance. Any resident of India can open a PPF account with ease. Apart from its tax saving feature, PPF comes with bundle of other benefits, which includes:


  • Lock-in period of 15 years
  • High interest rates and gain of tax free interests
  • Investments can be made both online and offline
  • Secured by Govt. of India
  • PPF for minors (for education, marriage and other similar purposes)
  • Withdrawals and loan against the Public Provident Fund investment


Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

This popular and high yielding savings portfolio is designed for senior citizens of age 60 or above. Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is counted among the best government sponsored investment plans. Customized to fit the financial needs senior citizens, this investment portfolio boasts high interest rates. Some other advantages of opting SCSS are:

  • Minimum documentation with easy availability
  • Assurance and security by Govt. of India
  • Multiple account availability
  • Medium range investment with minimum 5 year tenure
  • Premature termination with small penalty (Least period of termination- 1 year)
  • TDS can be saved

National Savings Certificates (NSC)

Offered by the Govt. of India, National Savings Certificates are especially designed for business holders and salaried individuals. Though the interests earned through NSC is taxable, but it serves a better investment option than Fixed Deposits. The key benefits of choosing NSC as investment option are:

  • Attractive interest Rates on savings
  • Minimum lock-in period of 5 years
  • Assured returns on investments for 5/10 years.
  • Minimum limit of investments is Rs.100
  • No maximum limit of investment
  • Get loan against NSC certificates
  • Freedom to purchase certificate of any denomination (Certificates available in Rs. 100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs. 5000 and Rs.10, 000 denominations)
  • Transfer of certificate from one individual to another


Fixed Deposits

If you wish to save money, but also save tax while receiving higher interests, getting a fixed deposit could be just the option for you. Rate of interest on FDs are considerably higher than those of savings account. However, the rate of interest may also vary depending on tenure and amount to be deposited. Apart from being a safe investment option, FDs can be opened in no time. Some of major benefits opening a FD are:


  • No-risk investment with guaranteed returns
  • Easy withdrawal
  • Premature withdrawal allowed with small penalty
  • Flexible deposit tenure; ranging from one year to 10 years
  • Flexible interest pay-outs (Paid monthly, annually or at maturity)


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